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Skin rejuvenation with ice

Cheerfulness and beauty of the skin

How To Rejuvenate Skin With Ice , Nowadays, people will face to skin problems because of Hormonal problems, stress, liver problems, side effects of drugs, extreme use of cosmetics. One of the problems is a dark skin or remove the softness of skin. Fortunately those problem can be solve so easy. One of the solution is ice.

Skin rejuvenation with ice

xgxd.pngGreen tea for eliminating the Black head boil

Green tea is one of the greatest tea between all people. As you know, green tea has lots of benefits and is good for health and skin. Using the green tea with ice can eliminate the pouf of under eyes. With a cup of water, boil a little green tea and then it get cold, put it in freezer to have green tea ice cube. And put them on your skin.

Cucumber and honey for shiny skin

If you want a bright and shiny skin, use this mix. Cucumber has a cold feeling and honey has warming extract. You can fill the ice module by a crashed cucumber and some honey. Put the module out after 2 hours and put on your skin for 10 minutes and massage your skin.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).png]pol].pngLemon and orange juice for clearing skin

Lemon and orange juice are so good and suitable for rejuvenate the skin. lemon juice is good for black head boil and white head boil and wrinkles and some crashes on skin. By take 5 lemon or orange juice and put them in ice module, make the orange or lemon cube and put them on your skin for 30 minutes.


Aloe Vera for having beautiful and shiny skin

The benefits of this plant are a lot, and it can cure lots of unique skin problems. Crashed them and put in ice cube and make aloe vera ice cube . one cube is enough for one face. If you didn’t find the fresh aloe vera, use the gel.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pngipk.pngCold milk for whitening the skin

Lots of people argue for not having cold milk or high non-persistence. If you have some skin problems like skin crashed or wrinkles or dark skin, you can use the milk ice cube and put them on your skin.

Coffee seed for reducing the cellulite

Does cellulite reduce your self confidence? By using the ice cube of coffee your problem will solve. The Caffeine in coffee can make your blood flow faster and remove the cellulite. Mix 1 cup of coffee seed with 2 slice of Ginger and salt and put in ice module.

These 6 beauty tricks with ice cube can be so effective. If you can use this ice cube in your every days, will change your skin.

How To Rejuvenate Skin With Ice

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