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Removing Extra Hair

Unwanted hair is a problem that most of the women has. Because as their hair are darker , they will show on face more. So lots of women should use different ways to make them pale.

Pale and removing extra hair naturally

Lemon and honey mask

One of the famous and effective material for whitening and removing the extra hair is honey. Honey can make the hair lighter and is suitable for equaling the hair PH. For making this mask is enough to follow this steps:

•2 spoons natural honey

•1 spoon natural lemon juice


1: Mix those 2 materials together in a bowl.

2: Then rub the mix with your finger or a brush on your skin face or neck.

3: For better effect you can wet your face before using mask.

4: for better result, keep the mask for 15 to 20 minutes on your skin then wash.


Yellow chub mask

Yellow chub is a natural mix that are used for removing the extra hair from past. For using this mask just do this:

•2 spoons yellow chub

•1 spoon milk


1: Put 2 materials in a bowl and mix them good to have a dough

2: Cover all your face with this mask and keep it on your face 15 minutes

3: Then wash your face and dry it softly

4: Because of color extract of yellow chub, your skin get a little yellow, so use this mask at holidays or weekends.

gy.pngLemon mask

One of the materials that has whitening extract and extra hair treatment is lemon. Between other materials the lemon has the most effect. But because the lemon make skin a little inflamed, it is better to try in small part of your skin.

•1/5 Spoon lemon juice

•1 Tea spoon sugar


1: Mix all two materials in a bowl and rub on your face

2: Then wait 2 to 10 minutes and then wash your face.

uio.pngChickpea flour

Chickpea flour mask scrubs the skin, removing the dead cell of skin and remove the extra hair too. in addition it can make the skin and hair skin lighter and is good for skin.

•2 Spoons Chickpea flour

•1 Spoon milk or cream

•1 Spoon yellow chub


1: Put all the materials in a bowl and mix them to have a dough

2: Rub the dough on your face and wait for 15 minutes

3: Then remove the mask with a wet cotton and wash your face.

4: For watering your skin more, you can use rose water or yogurt in your mask.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pngtgf.pngPapaya and milk

Papaya helps to strengthen the skin and mix it with milk can make hair face lighter. And in adiition this mask is good for all types of skin.

•2 Spoons crushed papaya

•1 Tea spoon milk


1: Mix all materials

2: Rub the mask on your face with your finger or brush

3: After 15 to 20 minutes wash your face and dry.

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