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How To Care For Babies’ Hair

Lots of parents just pay attention to the main needs of their babies and try to prepare them. But their hair need care too. And should pay attention to them. Also the little baby has few hair but should pay attention to them.

The baby hair growth

According to the researches, the baby hair will growth from 6 month. But this is different between babies and some of them has lots of hair when they born but some other has no hair. But the parent of baby that has less hair, should not be worry. Because it is different and their hair will growth at last.

Some baby, when they born has so few and thin hair, and after some months their hair get a little thick. Also some kids are bald until one year old. It is not a strange thing.


Baby hair care

Unfortunately some parents believe that, when they shave their baby head, they will have more better hair. There are no sign to trust this fact. But they see that by this work their hair will growth soon.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pnggyj.pngSometimes maybe the baby head will get inflamed, it is not bad. If it will not remove after sometimes, you should go to a doctor and eliminate with a simple shampoo.


In baby hair care, an important factor is to touch and act with hair and skin head of baby. Because the baby has very less and sensitive hair, that does not need to wash every day. So we suggest to wash your baby hair twice a week or once a week with special and mild shampoo. And it is good to comb their hair before washing.


rtfyhrtf.pngChoosing a good shampoo is another important factor. Lots of parents are willing to use special and mild shampoo for baby. Because they are anti Sulfate and has less cleaning effect. Also should be careful to choose shampoo. Because those shampoo has high PH and will tie the baby’s hair.


Another important factor in baby hair care is, how to wash their hair. For this is better to move the baby head a little down and wash the hair. It is more easy and will enter shampoo to their eyes less. Also it is better to speak and play with your baby during the washing to make him/her happy.

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