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Natural skin cleanser with strawberry

Easy Strawberry Face Mask Recipes , Strawberry is a natural material that is full of antioxidant and vitamin c and nutrients for body. But this delicious fruit in addition of lots of benefits for body, can use for skin too. so we make lots of different masks from this red fruit. Strawberry has cleansing extract and use as a natural cleansing for skin.

Make the natural strawberry cleansing


1 Strawberry

Half cup of milk

1 Spoon Chickpea flour

1 Spoon corn flour


fhbch.pngStrawberry: is a fruit that are in all cosmetics and healthy products, and because it has good smell is so well known. So we use strawberry in moisture, lipsticks, night or day crème, body or face scrubs, specially for face masks.

Using strawberry in those products means that, it is full of vitamin c and can help to moisture and lightening the skin. And make skin soft and remove the wrinkles.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pngdg.pngMilk: milk is a natural moisture that can use on every kind of skin. Lactic acid in milk is required for all skin and helps to health of skin.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pnghuo.pngCorn flour: corn is a helpful material for hair and skin, and can remove the Black head pimples and darkness of sun and clean the skin acnes. In addition can make hair volumize and avoid to lose hair.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pngfyhfff.png Chickpea flour: Chickpea flour is a strong scrub and remove the dead cells of body.


The preparation steps of natural strawberry cleanser with milk

•Make the strawberry sliced in small size and mix them good.

•Then add milk and mix again

•Use this mix for skin pollution of face skin and neck.

How to use the natural strawberry cleanser with milk

For using this cleanser is enough to rub it on a cotton and rub on your face too. And keep this mask for some minutes on your skin and massage it and then wash it.

dfyhcdr.pngPreparation steps of natural strawberry cleanser with corn flour

•After making the strawberry and milk mix, you can use the addition of it.

•You should add one spoon of corn flour to the mix and add 1 spoon of chickpea flour too.

•Then mix all the materials together.

How to use the strawberry and corn flour cleanser

Rub this mask on your face as all the masks and after it dry, wash with warm water. In addition because the corn and chickpea flour are scrubs, can clean all the face pollution and remove the dead cell of skin.

Easy Strawberry Face Mask Recipes

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