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 9 Essential Cosmetics Supplies


9 Cosmetics Everyone Should Have ,There are so many different cosmetics that everybody use as their need. But some of them are so essential and should have details about them.

9 Cosmetics Everyone Should Have

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pngipo.png1: Moisture or primer

A makeup is beautiful when your skin is beautiful. So we should care our skin and so you need a primer. Moisture make your skin wet and primer keep your makeup.

yuhi.png2: foundation or Concealer

All beginner should know that foundation and concealer can cover all the stings and acne of skin and make a Smooth skin for you.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pntgyhtg.png3: Eyebrows ointment and its brush

Eyebrow is an important part of skin as they are so little and has lots of effects on the beauty of the face. So the makeup is good when the eyebrow are in suitable type. But because all the women has not the good shaped eyebrow, should use Eyebrows ointment.

4: eye liner and mascara

Always we do not need artificial eyelash, and sometimes we can use good mascara. A mascara that shaped your eyelash and make them so heavy and long.


5: Colorless lipstick or red lipstick

No makeup is complete without lipstick. But because the red and colorless is suitable for all women, every women should have them in her bag.

yioi.png6: Brush

Brush is an equipment that are essential for a complete makeup and we can rub the powder crème or concealer or eye shadow with brush. There are so many brush in shopping center.

7: Blush or Highlighter

For coloring your cheek or make shadow on your face , you can use blush or highlighter.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pngtufg.png8: Shadow palette

If you make up your eyes with eye shadow, you need a Shadow palette , to have a big range of color.

9: Ear cleaner and Wipes

Sometimes there are some mistakes in makeup that for removing them you need ear cleaner or Wipes.

9 Cosmetics Everyone Should Have

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