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Dark skin of the armpit


Lots of women are sad because of dark skin of the armpit, and they are searching for a way for treatment this. But paying attention to this dark skin of the armpit, happen in long time. Cure in long time too.

Some points for avoid dark skin of the armpit

One of the good way is to shave your hair in this part by waxing, instead of hair remover crème or other remover.

•And should use deodorant so less. Because this material has something to dark skin of the armpit. In addition using those every day will close your skin pore and make your skin darker. You can use natural deodorant or other suitable products.



setgd.png•Another great way to eliminate the dark skin of the armpit is massaging. Massage the skin for 15 minutes can make the blood flow under skin better, and if the massage would be with coconut oil is so much better. In addition of coconut oil, some other oils that has vitamin E , can be good and make your skin more brighter and softer. And coconut oil and other natural oil can give you a good smell and use as a deodorant.


•Another way to eliminate dark skin of the armpit is lemon juice. Lemon juice has lots of benefits for health and beauty and by rubbing this on your skin will eliminate dark skin of the armpit. And it has anti bacteria benefits and can remove bad smell of your skin. You should use it before your bath and use moisture after bath.


ets•For removing the dead cell of armpit skin you can use some baking soda and water. And rub the dough on your skin. This dough is like a natural deodorant and has good smell.




•Also can eliminate dark skin of the armpit with rice flour and vinegar . it is enough to rub them after bath for 10 to 15 minutes on your skin. And use the anti bacteria and shinning benefit of it.


yhu.png•Another effective mask for eliminating the dark skin of the armpit is flour, yogurt, lemon juice and yellow chub. It is enough to rub the mix on your skin for 15 minutes on skin and repeat for 3 weeks to have more armpit skin.


•Cucumber water or potato is good for whitening the armpit skin. And using every day cause to whitening armpit skin.


•Another mask is milk and saffron that has the moisture and whitening benefit. You should rub before sleep and wash it tomorrow.

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