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Do sunscreens cause sting?


Maybe you heard that “my sunscreen make sting on my skin” .it can happen that by using sunscreen you have sting and acne. The reason is for sunscreen? Or has another reason?


At first you should pay attention that sunscreen should choose by skin types. If your skin is dry, you should use sunscreen for dry skin and if your skin is oily should use anti fat sunscreen. The sensitive skin needs more care under the sun and should use mineral sunscreen or anti sting sunscreen.


 sssssswrgrfThe second point is how to use the sunscreen. Try to cover all your face with sunscreen. Because if you rub Incomplete make your skin burnt in some parts. If you just use sunscreen , should wash your face at night and then use moisture. Remember that sunscreen like other crème after a time has not benefits. So rub the sunscreen after 2 hours again.


Following those points are so important for being under the sun and avoid to have stings. So having sting is not related to the sunscreen benefits. If you use a sunscreen from Authorized centers and has the certificate, will not make stings. The reason that make sting is using inappropriate way.


Why we have stings on our face?

As we said, using sunscreen inappropriate way, using some harmonic and Contraceptives drugs ,anti Malaria , and some psychology drugs can make brown and dark blue stings on skin. Some Chemotherapy and drugs to make skin sensitive under light can make sting on skin. the stings from aging that are named Liver patches. But against of this, someone thinks their reason is not liver. And the default reason is being under sun. by this difference that in middle age and old time the skin make less melanin and stings made soon.

Does nutrition also affect the appearance of sting? Some stings are because of lack of vitamin B12 . this are more common on dark color skin. Lack of vitamin A, folic , and Anemia can be effective. But the most effective reason is sun and great treatment is using sun block crème.

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