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Different methods for hand skin rejuvenation


Usually our hand are the first parts of our body that shows the wrinkles. Because the hand skin is so thin and by getting older, it get more thin and wrinkles. And also the under skin fat removed and the vessel shows more. That can make hand more old.

In addition of aging, there are so many other reason that can effect on hands. For example chemical materials and sun rays. The sun rays can make the small spots on hand, that are not so beautiful.

Different methods for hand skin rejuvenation

Moisture the hand skin

If someone cant  buy the expensive moisture, can buy the cheaper ones and make your hand moisture. Because the hand are more in connection with water, so moisture can helps to the lost moisture and can contain the collagen.

drfyh.pngUses of sun block crème

Some people just use sun block crème for hands and just know this as the only thing for avoid hurting. But sun block crème can remade your skin and helps to keep collagen. By caring the skin from sun, can have a healthy skin.

Steroid cream or growth factor

The growth factor crème contains the steroid and protein for remade your cell skin special for the hand skin, to find their health and shows more younger. After rubbing the growth factor crème, it makes new skin cells. In addition of effecting this crème, it is so safe and remove all old sign.


Whitening hand skin

Also the whitening crème is not suggested for rejuvenation. Because there are so few effects for rejuvenation. But some women accepted this as an effective crème for cover their spots or wrinkles.


The wax bath is an expensive way for rejuvenation of skin. This are usually in beauty salons, but you can use their kit at your home. The wax can make a layer on skin and by filling the pore skin, can acts like a filler for wrinkles.


As they use Botox for face lines or inject the fat. We can use some different fillers for hand skin to make collagen.

Laser treatments

Laser fill the small pore skin and helps to make collagen better. And can last more than other ways. This method is safe and simple and can be in shorter time.

We can say the most effective method is laser and the cheapest method is using moisture and sun block crème.

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