Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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3 types of homemade skin peeling


Sometimes your skin needs peeling. Peeling means that you remove a dead layer of your skin by special material or leaf. Peeling helps to make new skin and clean the skin pore and by removing the dead skin, avoid to have under skin hairs.

bhuy.png1: Skin peeling with sugar and oil

Ingredients: oil and sugar

This simple peeling can be used for all part of your body. The sugar and oil peeling is so good for skin and lips. So it is better to use in bathroom and rub it on your body slowly. This can increase your blood flow, because it is watering can fresh your skin.

For make this peeling should use the small seed sugar and avoid to rub on sensitive skin.

tfgug.pngSkin peeling with Oats

Ingredients: oats, almonds, salt and a liquid

Mix the Almond and oats mix with mineral salt and add some water or oil. Then rub on your skin slowly. This homemade peeling can remove your dead skin and make your skin so brightly. This is good for sensitive skin.


3: skin peeling with baking soda

Ingredients: baking soda, a liquid

Baking soda can peeling your skin like oats. In this peeling is better to use baking soda with milk. Massage on your skin slowly and wash your skin after some minutes by warm water.


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