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Everything about a paper sheet mask


mask contains the natural Fibers that are shaped as face that has Nutrient materials , that are named skin serum. This mask can be made by paper, materials, natural fibers or gel. The benefits of this mask is , you don’t need any thing for rub on skin and do not be worry it wont have shake on your face. And more better point is , you wont need to wash your face after using this mask. This mask is for one time use.

How to use paper mask

The way of using this mask is so easy. At first be sure that your skin is clean. Put mask on your face and wait 20 to 30 minutes and then get it away and enjoy your soft skin. The great benefits of using the paper mask is, you can use it as you are in your usual activity in day and don worry it wont move. Do your works and after the default time take it away. After taking it away, you wont need to wash your face. This mask just has one size and because the faces are not in similar size, its better to put it from your Forehead and come down. . there is no default time to when use it but the doctors say is better to use 3 times in week.


Where is paper mask from?

Paper mask is from south Korea . this mask is a part of skin care of each Korean women. Now it has lots of fans in America and Europe. After sharing picture by Hollywood stars with paper mask, this mask get so famous in America and change to a industry for beauty of America.

hdfghf.pngWhat are the benefits of paper mask?

Paper mask will be wet on skin serum. This serum is full of Heliuronic acid , vitamins, and nutrients. Because this mask is thin, it cause to be dry late and keep moisture more. So it can give moisture and nutrients to skin more. So by using just one time , you will see the effect.

This mask is full of vitamins and minerals and get dry late as the old mask, can watering the skin so much. Some of this mask can whitening the skin. After using this mask your skin will be more brighter.

What materials are used in paper masks?

The mask is related that they are made for what purpose, they are different. But in all paper mask are aloevera, vitamin c, anti bacteria and Antifungal , Lactobacilli fermentation agents. Also some new paper mask contains some chemical materials like Paraben and phenoxy ethanol . that they are harmful for skin.

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