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Highlights of skin cleansing and skin care at night

Skin care at night

There are lots of product for skin care in shopping, and because all people care their skin so much, so they will buy a lot.

Except of using those products, doctors suggest that should do some other cares too. but most of the people didn’t know or didn’t care. One of the important care that are suggested is skin care at night. Also our purpose is not only using the night crème , but also using some other effective and simple methods.

Wash your face at night

We should wash our face at night. Because in addition of pollution , there are so many crème and cosmetics on your face from morning till night. So it’s a fact to wash our face at night.

detgsge.pngWhat is the best product for washing our face at night?


As we understand to wash our face at night, we will have question that what is best for washing? Can we wash by usual soap? Or we should use a special products? Washing the face should be done with the special cleaners. The person should choose by his self or get help from their doctor. Some one who has dry skin should use cleaners without soap .

The doctors suggested a lot to wash your face in whole a days:

•We can wash our face based of the type of skin whole of the days. We can wash our face at morning, evening, night with the face cleaners. But its so important to clean your face at night with cosmetic and face cleaners.

•The people that has dry skin, should wash their face twice a week to not collect the fats on skin and make skin problems. The ellaro has a package for washing fat skin face . contains foam, washing gel, washing crème have scrab seeds, toner, … that they are good for skin.

•For dry skin or so dry skin its better to wash face at bathroom. So they can wash their face by special cleaners.

•Some one who has normal skin should wash their face in a day too. it based on their day and their activity that how much their skin get dirty.



Clean your makeup before sleep

All women use cosmetics in a day and at night they just wash their face with soap. It wont clean their face deeply and for cleaning deeply you should use special cleaners.

If your makeup stays on your face will damage your skin, so you should clean your makeup before sleep. Because it can make lots of skin problems. Also when they clean their face , they didn’t clean their makeup and they think its enough. But its not really enough.

Don’t Put the cleaners on a cotton , because it cause to put some of your cleaners away. And you should use special pads.

dhfnc.pngSleep on back to keep your skin healthy

Usually you sleep on your face and push your skin on pillow? If you had to do, change your habbit. Sleeping on face will damage your skin. For having good skin you shoul sleep on back and never push your skin because it makes your skin full of wrinkles.

Special crème for night

Lots of people use the night crème or crème for under the eyes. They can be useful for skin health if they are good and use correctly.

In this situation , they will make your skin so soft and help to the health of skin.

The most effect for night crème is after washing your face completely.

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