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The Importance of Hair in Beauty


The beauty and the magic of hair has important effect on the art and literature , even was important in different religious. This shows the value of hair around the world and say that hair has a big effect on beauty.

ghytfg.pngThe importance of hair from psychology

By aging, the hair lose will increase. Specially the men see that their hair loose on top or back on in front of their head. But because it was accepted that hair cause beauty from the past, lots of people stop their hair lose by different ways like Hair transplantation or other methods and spend lots of money.

Hair loose is on women too. but maybe the method of hair loose will be different between men and women., but its stress is same and will reduce the self confidence in women.

Emotion and importance of hair

In lots of time that hair cut or color is not good ,women lose their good feeling to their hair and by losing their self confident would to change before other see. In addition , all changes for hair is hard and Scary for women. This changes will destroy a relationship. So we can not deny that hair makes different emotion in person.


The importance of hair in religious term

In lots of religious , there are so many explain about hair, hair style, when to cut, or cover the hair. For example in lots of religious is accepted to not cut your hair and hair is a symbol of power , freedom, and Respect person, and cut the hair is a Guilty.

In Indian people, hair is one of the 5 symbol of the faith. And consider as a gift of God that never cut it. Because of this the religious man of India cover their hair by a cotton . in their idea you should never cut your hair by blade. And hair acts like Antenna that connect you to your God. There are so many idea for hair in other religious like this.

hjhgb.pngImportance of hair in different time

As we see the difference between the fashion of clothes from past until now, the hair has differences too. and hair and hair styles change. And get a special style in each times. For example, the rock stars has long hair and the long hair was their symbol.

The charity institute and child hair

Lots of people lose their hair because of cancer, lots of institute opened to motivate people to cut their hair and send their hair for cancer child around the world.

Importance of hair of financial term

In some Asian countries like India, china, selling the hair is a big industries. In 2007, this 2 countries catch 154 million dollars for selling natural hair.

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