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The most common mistakes in facial wash


Usually all the people wash their face one time in a day. Sometimes the wrong washing can cause the skin problems in passing time.

One of the most important skin care that everyone do it, is washing their face. The activity that all do so many times in a day. But unfortunately having some wrong habits can cause: dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin. some wrong habits are:

dxtgxtg.pngDon’t wash your face so much

Washing your face one time or two time in a day is good but if you wash more is not good and can make your face so oily. If you didn’t makeup so much, or haven’t sun block crème, or haven’t so much swollen, do not wash your face with cleanser and just wash your face by warm water. Let your skin sometimes to be free of those products.

Do not use water in inappropriate heat

Lots of people believe that the hot water will close their skin pore and cold water will close their skin pore. As maybe you will like those hot water but this can disturb your fat face. And make your skin dry. Warm water is the best choice.

fcgtfChoose your suitable skin product

Never use soap for washing your face because it can remove your natural fat face and healthy cells. Nowadays they produce lots of skin cleaners. The best face washing is a washer that remove all pollution and makeup from your face and not damage the natural fat face . the cleaners should clean all dirties from face and not to destroy the face.

Do not take layer your skin so much

Take layer is a good method to remove the dead cell layer of skin face but how much to use is important. Use the take layer with seeds and use it 2 or 3 times in a week. For using this its better to rub with your fingers.

Washing your face not good

If you don’t wash your face so much by water , the remind cosmetic on your skin will damage your skin. Wash your face completely even in the morning you are late or at night you are tired. The sides of your face usually will be forgotten.

rgfh.pngDon’t rub the towel on your face so much

Don’t rub the towel on your face,. Rubbing the towel on face will be lovely but in fact is annoying your skin. And it makes lots of wrinkles on your skin.

After washing your face use the moisture. For increasing the moisture of skin , after washing, use the moisture.

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