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Skin without freckle


All people love the beautiful and shinny skin. But this can not happen because of some problems like weather, or other problems. And lots of women and men by having a good skin but their skin is not shine and lose their beauty.

First day action for a skin without freckle

•For beginning you should start with a usual start and usual washing and start your 7 future days in this base.

•Use a suitable cleanser of your skin and clean your skin from pollution . then is Toner time, do not forget that toner can clean all dirties that did not remove by cleanser.

•At the end rub a moisture on your skin . in addition keep your kin care in the night and guarantee your bright skin. For this , clean all makeup and dirties of your skin at night by cleanser.

ghuyjg.pngSecond day action for a skin without freckle

•You should focus in your skin health in second day. This means that you should put vegetables and fruits in your diet and use the essential mineral and vitamins for your body.

•Follow this rule and don’t forget to wash your face always.

•Drink water and natural fruit juice a lot.

•If you have makeup, always clean your face before go to bed.

•And for cleaning the remind makeup, use toner and cleanser.

The third day action of skin without freckle

•When you wakeup , do same as 2 days ago and wash your face and don’t forget the take layer. Take layer will show your face more young and fresh.

•For take layer use a suitable loaf and remove all the dead cell on skin.

•Also you can use a take layer mask but not forget to use a moisture crème after take layer crème.

•Don’t forget using the anti sun block crème, because the UV rays of sun will make lots of problems for skin.

•After a hard day, the skin needs rest too. and for this you should try fruit masks and natural masks.


The fourth day action of skin without freckle

•In this day there are some changes on your skin and you can see those positive changes. But it doesn’t mean that your work stoped.

•Take a hot shower and after fumigate your skin. This will open your pore skin and remove all pollution of your skin. Then put some rose water on a cotton and rub on your skin and guarantee your skin health.

•Don’t forget the moisture of your kin at night and make your skin moisture before sleep.

•Fifth day action of skin without freckle

•When you wash your face as usual day , massage your skin with aloe vera gel and improve your blood flow under skin. And if you see a dark circle of eyes, eliminate this special crème.

•After massage , rub crème on your face and do not forget to use sun block crème.

ujio.pngSixth day action of skin without freckle

•After you do all same other activity, wash your face and massage, take your skin layered and open your close pore skin to remove pollution. Then use a rose water spray to show your skin more fresh.

•Don’t forget to drink lots of water in day and watering your skin .

Seventh day action of skin without freckle

•In the last day use the fruit mask to keep your skin brightly . pay attention to protect your skin from UV RAYS and heating, and care your skin by drinking water.

•By using this methods, you can have a great skin in a week . pay attention to keep all usual rules to have a shinny skin and if you let down some part you will lose this great skin.

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