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Having bigger lips naturally


Make your lips bigger

Big and good shaped lips are a part of beauty. In fact big lips are more attractive and take more attention. Some people for making their lips bigger or younger do some surgery. That in addition of having lots of cost, they are harmful too. its better before surgery try some cosmetics or natural ways . actually they are effective.

Make lips bigger naturally

For making lips bigger we can use the mint oil or Cinnamon oil or red pepper oil. Those oils are not expensive and does not beside effect. Maybe the effect will not stay long time , and be good for some parties or weddings . this will take 5 minutes to do.

sffgd.pngMint oil

This oil acts like a natural maker for big lips. Make the blood flow in lips fast. So the lips will have reaction and be more bigger. And in addition of being big, will make them more red.

Red pepper oil

Red pepper oil is one of the pepper family. You can easily find the oil or powder pepper in shops. And make a good mix for making your lips bigger at your home. Mix Vaseline by some drops of this oil together and rub on your lips.  By this you make your lips bigger by your self and at your home. If you can not find the pepper oil, you can use the pepper powder. Its enough to mix the pepper powder for 5 minutes and after 5 minutes wash your lips.


Cinnamon powder or oil

As the 2 oils we said , this oil can has effect on the blood flow system and make lips bigger.

Its enough to mix one or two drops of this oil in to your lip shine and rub on your lips. If you didn’t find the Cinnamon oil, you can use the almond oil or olives oil. Mix them and put on your lips for 5 to 10 minutes . you will feel the pain at first but it will be ok soon.

sdetgHoney or beewax

Lots of celebrities use this for making their lips bigger. And if you want to choose this too, rub a thin layer of honey on your lips at night and wash it in the morning.

Exercise and massage for making your lips naturally

As you need massage for relaxing and being calm, you can use massage for making your lips bigger.

Some Hairdresser tricks for making your lips bigger

If you have not big lips as lots of Hollywood celebrities, not worry. You can make your lips bigger by some Hairdresser tricks. Its enough to have lipsticks and after have another dark lipstick and at last use lip shine.


For care your lips , should drink water a lot and have healthy diet.

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