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Pregnancy skin care


Pregnancy is an important part of women life. The body will change a lot in this time and need lots of care. One of the necessary care is skin care. It is true that some women will have great skin in pregnancy time , but also some other will lose their healthy skin. Even some women will face to some skin problems that they didn’t have. In the pregnancy their hormones will change and their blood flow are different. And some women will have a skin problem that named Samelasma and their color skin will change. Also most of those problem will be ok after pregnancy and skin be like the past, but always is not in this situation and some of them will stay.

What substances are dangerous during pregnancy?



Vitamin A, retinol are so dangerous in pregnancy time and maybe cause the changes in skin color. So you should be sure to not having retinol before using all products. And if you are not sure, don’t use it or ask your doctor.

dgb.pngGlycolic acid

All the alpha hydroxyl acids are not dangerous in pregnancy. But lactic acid maybe has some dangerous for pregnant women. So we suggested to use them after their pregnancy. This is for AHA , glycolic acid, malic acid , lactic too. because all of them will cause the sensitive skin and like vitamin A can make your skin darker.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid and lots of the time are in cosmetics oil. It is better to avoid thid product in your pregnancy , because it can have negative effects on your body.

fhvhy.pngBenzoyl Peroxide

This material is ok  for the removing acne but unfortunately you can not use it in your pregnancy.

Chemical anti sun block crème

The materials that are in the sun block crème like Octinoxate , avobenzone,  octylcrylene, oxybenzone, octisalate, homosalate, helioplex, should not rub on your skin. Because those materials will have some reaction under the sun that make your skin dark. Instead of them you can use zinc acid, titanium acid.



What substances we can use during the pregnancy?

Vitamin c

Can cure the dry and Inflammation, and removing your skin flexibility and has lots of benefits.

jhuy.pngHyaluronic Acid

This acid is good for natural watering skin and by this acid we can contain the skin moisture in pregnancy. And use this acid for less skin watering, dry, wrinkle, and dark skin.

What treatment we should not to have in pregnancy?


1:chemical take layer

2: Skin rejuvenation

3: layzer for removing freckle

4: Micropigmentation

What treatment can be done in pregnancy?


Because the skin is more sensitive in pregnancy, so we suggest to  have skin care treatment after pregnancy.

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