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The Advantage Of Vaseline In Beauty


There are lots of way to use Vaseline on beauty of face. Vaseline is a Sanitary product that has lots of benefits  and value for skin and hair. In fact Vaseline can be instead of lots of expensive cosmetics .

Vaseline and its use

Big lips with Vaseline

As you know , the Vaseline is good for the dry lips and taking lips layer. But if you want to make your lips more attractive in makeup, rub a little Vaseline after you rub your lipstick. Your lips will show more better. Pay attention to not rub completely on your lips and just put in whole of your lips by little . this will be make your lips more fresher. And if you wont use lipstick , using Vaseline will make your lips more bigger .

The better eyelash with Vaseline

There are lots of cosmetics, that they want to show their self to make your eyelash so better,. But except their cost, they will change your eyelash color fewer. But you can make your eyelash more thicker and better with Vaseline and spend less money. for this you should give a clean brush from of your mascara and make it clean. Then add some Vaseline in it and rub on your eyelash and wash next day. Doing this will help you to have great eyelash.


Vaseline and eye shadow

If you want to have a shiny eye shadow, rub Vaseline before having eye shadow. If will be more brighter and beautiful. For days that you makeup less and you don’t want to have eye shadow , its good to have some Vaseline under your eyes. You will have more beautiful eyes. But do not use more, because it will make your eyes so oily.

ftyht.pngMaking your cheek bigger

Vaseline is suitable for all types of skin . it is enough to rub Vaseline on your cheek and top of your eyebrow. As we say you should not use lots of and make your finger so oily. A slim layer is enough.

Vaseline like a cosmetics

Vaseline will let you to use your eye shadow as your lip stick. You mix your eye shadow by Vaseline and rub on your lips.

guytfgv.pngEliminating dry skin by Vaseline

If your skin get layered in your makeup, you should use Vaseline. Just rub some Vaseline before having powder crème. Then rub your makeup crème.

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