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Tomato face mask

Tomato face mask for all type skin

Having good skin is every one hope and because of this from past , every one try to have good skin. But a method that is good from past to now is using the beauty masks. And we can guarantee the beauty skin with it. The natural masks will prepare the nutrients of skin and help to its beauty. One of this natural materials is tomato. When you eat a tomato you will give lots of mineral and vitamins to your body and by using its mask you will have a good skin.

Because the tomato is full of vitamin c , by using this you will have a healthy and shinny skin. Tomato is suitable for all types of skin and cause the shinny and brighter skin.

Making some face mask with tomato


dhbfh.pngTomato mask for dry skin


•Olive oil

•Tomato water

•A small bowl



Put the olive oil and tomato water in a small bowl and mix. Then put the mask on your face and wait . this mask is good for dry skin and will make the skin more softener and moisture.

rfyhf.pngThe tomato mask for oily skin


•Tomato water

•Cucumber water




Put 2 spoon of tomato water and cucumber water in a bowl. Mix them and add 1 spoon of honey . after mixing, put this mask on your face and wait 30 minutes. After wash your face with cold water and will be free from all acnes. Using this mask will make your skin shiny and without any acne.


Tomato mask for normal skin


•Lemon juice

•Tomato water



Cut a tomato from half and push it to give its water.then add 2 spoon of lemon juice and mix good

For rubbing this mix to your skin you should use a cotton and then tub it. This mask is for normal skin and will show you more brighter and shiny skin.

sfzfvr.pngTomato mask with yogurt

Mix the tomato water with yogurt and put this for 20 minutes on your skin. This mask is good for someone who is burnt on sun and will make their skin bright soon.

The tomato and yellow chub mask

If the acne and spit stayed on your skin, you can mix tomato water and yellow chub together and rub on your face . this mask should stay 10 to 15 minutes and the wash, to have good result.

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