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Eliminate the face skin laugh lines

Removing the face laugh line

All women are searching for a better and younger look and they can reach to it some how by makeup. But sometimes we can not cover some problems by makeup and needs some other ways. One of the women problem is having laugh line near lips by aging. The laugh line will remove by beauty surgery or natural ways like exercise.

Exercise for eliminating the laugh line


First exercise: improving the muscles near the mouth

1:move your lips around to the up by your middle finger

2:do not stretch it more.for this should stretch for 5/0 to 75/0 cm.

3:keep this for some second and after do vise versa

4:push slowly your round mouth together

5:let your hands be free and relax for some seconds

Should do this for 25 times.

This exercise can lift your skin and by keeping your muscles strong , make you attractive.


Second exercise: avoid to laugh

1:this exercise is so good for eliminating or avoiding the laugh lines. For this is enough to put your finger on your laugh lines strongly.

2:then as you can , stretch your lips and smile.

3:keep this for 5 seconds and then relax your muscles. It is better to do 30 times in a day.

This will make your cheek strong and avoid to have wrinkles on skin.

gch.pngThird exercise: putting thumb near to the eyes

1:this is one of the best activity for avoiding making  laugh line. For this you should put your thumbs near your eyes and put other fingers near head, then move up your thumbs.

2:it is better to close your eyes and move round your head up by your finger slowly

3:keep this for 5 seconds and repeat this 10 times.

This activity move your eye to outside and avoid to lose , and helps to eliminating the laugh line.

Avoid making laugh line on skin

Avoid the sun

One of the important reason of having wrinkles on skin is being under the sun , you can avoid this by wearing hat and sun block cream


Anti oxidant

The nutrients has antioxidant can avoid to have cancer, and be helpful to eliminate the wrinkles.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(26).pngDrinking water

One of the effective way to avoid wrinkles is drinking water . they say that drinking water 8 to 10 glasses of water can help to avoid have wrinkles.


Omega 3 and fat acid

Using omega 3 can be good for eliminating and avoiding to have wrinkles. So by good exercise and good food can avoid wrinkles good.

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