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Slim the face


All of women has their specially beauty, but unfortunately sometimes they are sad because of being their face so fat or so slim. That shows their beauty less. Specially when their fat face layer is too much and has effect on their beauty. Some women just pay attention to their body and they believe that a fat face is good, but being the face too much fat will have effect on the eyes or cheek beauty.

Some exercise for slim the face

Slim the face with exercise type 1

•For doing this exercise you should close your mouth and push your lips together.

•Then Inflated upper lip and keep 10 seconds

•After, move this wind to your left cheek and keep this position for 10 seconds.

•This time move the saved wind to the right cheek and keep 10 seconds.

•Its good to do this 10 to 15 times in a day for improving your face muscles.

serfe.pngSlim the face with exercise type 2

•Breath deep and full your mouth wind

•Keep your mouth close and move this wind from 2 cheek fast. This should be done like moving water in your mouth.

•Repeat this exercise for 15 times in a day.

Slim the face with fish exercise

•For doing this exercise put your cheek inside and push lips.

•Keep this position and try to smile.

•Wait 5 seconds in this position

•Repeat this 10 times in a day to shape your cheek and remove the extra fat face.

jo.pngSlim the face with moving your cheek exercise

•Move your head up and look at the roof

•Push your lips together strongly

•Keep this for 5 seconds and then be relax

•You can repeat this 10 times in a day

•Be careful you just push your lips in this activity

•This exercise is good for removing double chin

Slim your face with milk face exercise

•Breath from nose

•Then breath with the open mouth and your tong be outside. You should move your tong outside as you can.

•Keep this for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times in a day

•This will relax your muscles and will reduce your stress.

Slim face with lip exercise 1

•Keep your head in a normal type and keep your jaw down and lips too.

•In this exercise you should feel some stretch in your face muscles

•Keep this for 10 seconds and then make your face relax

•It is better to do it 10 times in a day to improve your face muscles and show more young.


Slim face with lip exercise 2

•Put your up lip on down lip

•Then move both near to your nose

•Keep this 15 seconds

•Repeat this for 5 times in a day

Slim the face with surprise exercise

•Open your eyes as you can. Pay attention to not have wrinkles in any parts of your face

•Gaze to a point with open eyes

•Keep this for 10 seconds and then be relax

•It is better to repeat 4 times in a day

ujhnio.pngSlim the face with jaw exercise

•Move your jaw as you are chewing a gum

•Pay attention your lips was close

•Breath deeply and then open your mouth and move your tong out

•Keep this for 5 seconds then relax

•Repeat this 10 times in a day

Slim the face with blow

•Move your head back and look at the roof

•Move your lips out and blow

•Do for 10 seconds and then relax

•This will remove the double chin and repeat 10 times

fhyrh.pngSlim the face with bloom your lips exercise

•Send kisses to sky

•Repeat 4 times

•Push your lips between your 2 finger

•Repeat 4 times

Slim the face with face

•Move up your muscles between mouth and nose with your finger


•Move your cheek up with your finger

•Repeat 20 to 30 times .

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