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Natural beauty secrets


Super Natural Beauty Tips  In the past, people had experience the different things and they are valuable now, too. some of them are from our grand mom or very old people. Their experience are so useful and effective.

The beauty secrets with 10 natural things

kmmmmmmmmm.pngYellow chub

Yellow chub as a anti bacteria material, Disinfectants and Antioxidants , that eliminate the acne and spot of skin and protect the skin to have acne. In addition, using the yellow chub in long time make your skin soft and brightener. Yellow chub is in all homes and it is a suitable face mask.

Whitening skin with cucumber and lemon

The whitening skin with chemical materials and peelings were not happen in the past and just at this time they are widespread. They has whitening skin in the past and they peeling with different ways. One of the common ways was using the cucumber and lemon on face skin like a mask. This 2 natural material acted more better than the chemical ones.


Removing acne with lemon

Boil and stains are the women worries from the past and lots of different ways are tried for eliminating them. but an effective way for eliminating the stains is using the lemon and its juice. Give a lemon juice and add water in equal the lemon juice. Rub this mix on your acnes.

Potato for eliminating the Bruises under the eyes

Potato remove the bruises skin and eliminating the Puffy under the eyes. For this its enough to put a slice of potato under eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. This work will eliminate this problem soon.


One natural material that is used for having a shiny skin is honey, and we can use it like a face mask.

hikuyh.pngThe black grape

If you want long hair, black and thick hair, you can use black grape and add it to your diet. Grape has the vitamin c and avoid hair loose and dandruff.


Put the Fenugreek in water in the night and mix it tomorrow, put it on your hair. It will Strengthen the hair and helps to hair growth. In addition the fenugreek will avoid the white hair soon.

fhv.pngCarrot juice

Using carrot and carrot juice everyday will avoid the soon white hair. And because of having vitamin and mineral will strength the hair. In addition carrot is good for Detoxification of body and make your eyes strong.

Fresh cream

In the past using the cold cream on skin, was the well known method for make skin soft. We can use this method now, too.

Chickpea flour

Chickpea flour can make the sebum on skin and we can use it instead of chemical soaps for washing and cleaning the skin. For using the Chickpea flour its enough to mix it with water or milk.

Super Natural Beauty Tips

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