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Make-up tips at age 30


Skin care and makeup in 30

Makeup Tips For Women In 30 ,By passing the time , skin will lose the freshness and will change. So we should care our skin in each parts of our life and do not let to have problem and aging. By being older, in addition of skin care we should change our makeup type and use different cosmetics.

adsaed.pngImportant point of makeup in 30

Makeup Tips For Women In 30 ,If you didn’t care you skin at 20 years, by aging you will see some skin stains, change face color,… so its better to use the mild powder crème , to not penetrate the pores of your skin and not make wrinkle. For the Jaw and chin use a brighter crème and rub completely on neck to have the same color. And fix your crème with pancake.

Makeup with tan crème

Also the people that care their skin so good, will have a loose skin because of reducing the collagen skin. The collagen lost will show the face old.the solution is to use tan crème on the lose skin parts. Like cheek, On the jaw line, Hair extension line,..   its better to use mild tan crème and the dark skin use the more darker tan crème.


Using Concileur on makeup

In 30 years maybe women feel tired and for covering this tired and dark circle under eyes will use concileur. But its better to use the brighter concileur or put some drops of crème powder on the under eyes on down eyelash. And rub them.

jnion.pngRevealing their eyes with a makeup tweaks

For making the eyes more open and have more fresh feel on makeup should highlight the whole of eyebrow . for this use a color brighter than your skin.

Hair makeup by clever color

By aging specially in 30 the white hair will show more. For this we can use the Semi permanent color that will damage after 20 times with shampoo. Also its suggested for who that has white hair less than 50%. And never color your hair more lighter or more darker than natural color.

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