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The secret of having a long eyelash


The effect of long eyelash on eye beauty

How To Get Longer Eyelashes , They say that the eyelash has a huge effect on eye beauty. The black and long eyelash are beautiful and make eye beautiful, too. So all the women like the long and black eyelash and use the appliances to make their eyelash long and black. Mascara is one of the good and effective appliances for this work. Another way is artificial eyelash. Lots of women use extension eyelash that are expensive and dangerous.

7 way to have long and naturally eyelash

How To Get Longer Eyelashes


uyjtg.pngUsing the natural oil

Get used to your self to make your eyelash oiled by olive oil or castor oil every night. For this you need a clean brush of mascara and an empty bottle of mascara. If you do not have a brush use your finger. You can wash your oily eyelash and make up in the morning.

Use Vaseline

For this its enough to make your eyelash oily every night by Vaseline and according the previous method wash your eyelash in the morning.


hgj.pngUse egg white

Maybe you are worry about your eyelash loose and you are searching for a way to get rid of it. If you want to make your eyelash strong , you should put the mix of castor oil and egg white. Mix 2 drops of each of them and rub them on your eyelash whole of the night.

Reduce your make up time

As the searches say, the eyelash needs the fresh air . so when you come back from weeding or party as soon as you can wash your face and makeup. Do not let to keep eye line and mascara on your eyes. Its better to not use anything on your eyes and if you use , you should wash them soon . and do not sleep with mascara.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(24).pngfgh.pngDo not use artificial mascara

Its accepted that the artificial mascara will hurt your eyelash a lot. So try to not use it so much.

Be careful to not have dandruff on eyes

Try to avoid the eyes dandruff. because lots of people has it. It can reduce the eye lash growth and loosing them , too.

Eat healthy foods

As the healthy foods and drinks helps to human growth, the healthy food helps to eyelash growth , too. always try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, thy are full of vitamins and proteins that can boost your eyelash addition of fruits and vegetables, use fish, Cereals, the foods that has lots of vitamins more. In fact, the fish and red and white meat are so good for hair and eyelash. Also the healthy food make your body more beautiful and in shape.

How To Get Longer Eyelashes

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