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7 ways to remove excess hair behind your lips


Easy Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Face Hair   Some times, there are some unwanted action in our body that they are not pleasant for us at all. The growth of excess hair is one of them. The excess hair of behind lips can be annoying more than every thing.

huijhio.pngHair remover cream

The great point of this method is fast removing. If you see some excess hair on your body before the bath, you can remove them in a short time with hair remover cream. If you have a sensitive skin, you maybe will have some allergic reaction or your skin will be swollen. In addition, after some times using, your hair will growth more thicker than before. remember to use aloe vera gel after using remover cream to have a soft skin.


Female facial hair remover machine

Easy Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Face Hair  This machine is a good choice for the SUS times. The great point for this machine is: there are 2 type, electric and battery pack. That are with out pain and shave your hair easily. But in this method maybe your hair will growth fast again. So this way is not suitable for removing long time.

Remove your face hair with yarn

The benefits of this way is to grow hair late again. Because the hair is removed from root and takes time to grow again. And this method are cheap. Remember maybe after this work you will have some lip swollen or your skin will react. So its better to use a suitable gel after that. And take this place layer to avoid the under skin hair.


fvzsd.pngWhitening crème

Whitening crème is like the Decloration powder. this crème make hair no color and hidden. Because this crème is specially for making hair non color, will have no sensitive. But by using for long time your stains will get darker.


We can use the small series of epilator for removing the excess hair. This machine has not lots of pain and its pain is like the face wax. But you should pay attention to not hurt the sensitive behind lips skin.


Waxing by a professional person will reduce the burnt and wax should be done at beauty salon. Its pain is related to your pain tolerance, it will be so hard or so easy. A way for reducing its pain is to wax always . it makes your hair fewer and the pain will be fewer too.

Home laser

You can remove your excess hair for always by using this machine . you can buy this EPL laser from shops.and stop hair growth for 3 to 6 month. And this machine will has good effect on medium skin color and will not effect on dark skin result is on white skin by dark hair. And also has no pain this machine.

Those were great points for Easy Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Face Hair

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