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Ways to Treat greasy Hair


Oily Hair Natural Remedy  ,Fast fat or greasy hair . is a problem that is challenging to most of the people and suggest lots of treatment. The reason is the excessive fatty gland activity on head skin that make hair so fat. This gland are in all parts of the body except the palm hand and feet, and also they are in the face skin and hand palm and has more activity in this places. Sebum is a fat thing that has good effect for person in most of the time, but sometime it can make some problems and make acne on skin and greasy hair.

What causes hair greasy and excessive production of sebum?

This problem has different reason like genetic, food diet, Personal hygiene and sometimes the special disease. The persons that they have thin hair, faced with this problem more. And the reason is, they have less hair strands so the fat gland effects more. But the thick hair ,get greasy later.

Lots of people believe that for avoiding greasy hair you should wash your hair. This can not be good and can increase this problem. It is because the washing, make the head skin clean and dry, this dryness cause the fat gland work more and make fat more too.

Also not washing the hair can be bad too, because the bacteria and poisons will save on hair and at last for solving this should increase the production of sebum. So the long time not washing the hair can make Mushrooms and skin infections.

How To Treat greasy Hairs

The first thing that I can suggest you is to speak with a Dr and make sure this fat hair has not the medical cause.

fhncgttf.pngHealthy diet

Drinking water make skin moisture and help to health skin from inside . in addition that the dry skin is a reason of making fat, by drinking water and keep the skin moisture , you can solve the greasy hair problem.

Eating vegetables

Also eating vegetables and fruits and having a healthy diet are effective on greasy hair. And the researches shows that the fat food can increase the greasy hair , so should avoid to eat fat food.

dgcbdtr.pngHealth and hair care

For washing greasy hair its better to avoid washing the head palm to not have the dry skin of head. And should use the Gentle shampoos. The kids shampoo has good result and specially use the shampoo with 1 or 2 drops of tea tree. The point that should follow is not wash the greasy hair every day and wash by warm water.

Fast greasy hair treatment

For reducing the greasy hair , can use the special shampoo. These shampoo is contain the baking soda and corn oil, its suitable for greasy hair. Also the combing those hair should be carefully. We should not comb those hair too much and should wash and clean the comb before using.

The natural methods of greasy hair treatment

As we say, the natural treatment for eliminating the greasy hair is tea tree oil. Also washing the head palm with rose water can be effective. And mixing the natural aloe vera with lemon juice and rub on the head palm can has great result.

all those steps was for Oily Hair Natural Remedy

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