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What is the hair Botox?


Is It Safe To Do Botox?  More often when we heard Botox, we remember the wrinkles and anti wrinkle of skin. But as skin get damage by failure to handle and aging, hair got damaged by aging and passing the time, and hair lose their flexibility. So lots of new products are suggested for eliminating this problem. They are named by hair Botox and acts like skin Botox and give you beauty to your hair again.

Is Botox Hair Containing Botox?

The hair Botox has not the Botulinum Tassin that is used in skin Botox, just it named because of the action. Because as the Botox relax the face muscles and avoid wrinkles, the hair Botox fill the pores inside the hair fibers and helps to make hair softer and thick.

How does Botox work?

Is It Safe To Do Botox?  Hair Botox is a powerful softener that cover the hair fiber by keratin and make hair thick and flexible. The hair Botox ingredients are different. but the Loreal Botox use Intra-Celine to fill the hair fiber. Another well known product is the Magestic factory that claimed their product contains:

•Caviar oil

•Bon Lippeed

•Vitamin E

•Compounds of collagen

tfgujyi.pngWho can use the hair Botox?

People that are faced with these problems can use hair Botox?

•Twitching or so-called hair straightening

•Thinning hair and losing their volume

•Painted and damaged hair

•Healing the hair

•The hair that is strengthen with chemical materials.

•The hair Botox is also good and safe for all types of hair.


How does the Botox process work?

In hair Botox we have not injection like hair Botox. Actually it acts like using the softener. This can done at beauty salon and at first wash the hair to open the pores. Then massage the hair Botox from hair root to shoot. And it should be on wet hair and keep 20 to 90 minutes on hair. Some times they wash hair before it will be dry and some other times they wait to be dry and strength the hair to cover completely the Botox. You will see the result by this soon.

fvhnchn.pngWhat is the impact of Botox?

As we say the result will be seen soon. The effect will stay between 2 to 4 months and will be different from persons and their living place. Also its better to do in professional salons to give good result.

Is Botoxing hair dangerous?

The hair Botox products should be accepted by Health organizations. And maybe it makes some Inflammation or allergy. Because of this the hair professional test a few and if it does not have any problems, use for whole of head. Avoid to rub on skin.

I hope we can help you Is It Safe To Do Botox?

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