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Mayonnaise hair treatment


How Does Mayonnaise Help Hair?   Unfortunately, these days omen has lots of worries and naturally they will have more skin and hair problems. But there are lots of ways for treatment and avoiding those problems by the professionalism , that one of them is Mayonnaise hair treatment. Mayonnaise therapy, repair the damaged hair, dry and broken hair, and suggest for lots of hair problems. In addition you can make your hair more thicker by Mayonnaise therapy. Because the mayonnaise is full of egg and natural oils and has more benefits.

Some benefits of Mayonnaise therapy:

Hair watering

Mayonnaise has oil, so it can moisture the hair good. So its suitable for dry and damage hair. How Does Mayonnaise Help Hair?

zgsd.pngProtecting from sun

Mayonnaise is like a strong layer on hair and protect the hair from the suns harmful rays.

Protect from the different hair products

The appliances that make hair shaped, harm your hair so much that one of them is dry hair. Because of this you can use mayonnaise for this dry and damage hair and cure them.

PH hair balancing

The vinegar in mayonnaise can help to the PH of hair and the hair health .

dfhProtect from Fragility

The protein of the mayonnaise, eliminate the gaps on the hair and make hair more and reduce the Fragility.


Mayonnaise stages of hair treatment


•For doing this you should at first make your hair little wet.

•Then fill 2 cup from mayonnaise and rub from your hair root to hair shoot.

•And massage them well and repeat your work.

•Wait 20 minutes after massage and then wash your hair.

•For washing its better to use a gentle cleaners

•Its great to have all once a month.

Mayonnaise dry hair treatment


For eliminating the dry hair you can use Mayonnaise treatment. For this is enough to follow this steps:

•Cover all of your hair by mayonnaise

•Then collect all of your hair at top of your head and put a plastic hat on them

•For making hair hot, its good to put a towel in whole of the plastic hat.then should wait 20 minutes and after wash. In addition should wash your hair with a gentle shampoo to not dry your hair

•Its good to done once a week.

•For having good result should add some olive oil and eggs and Avakado and then put on your head. And if some one has lice , can add some vinegar and almond oils too.

SDHYG.pngSome points for mayonnaise treatment

•Always use full fat mayonnaise for this work.

•For washing your hair add some water in your shampoo and then use it to reduce your greasy hair.

•If you have problem with the mayonnaise smell, you can add some vanilla to remove the smell.

•Mayonnaise is suitable for body and face skin softener.

•Also we suggest to use this method if you have not any acne or skin problem.

•And its not good for those has sensitive to egg or olives oil.

All was for How Does Mayonnaise Help Hair?

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