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Head Lice Treatment

Head lice and treat it

How Do You Get Rid Of Lice Easily?  Lice is a small insect that feed from body blood and usually live in the hair. Lice can not fly but by the direct touch can be moved, and because of this most of child will have this problem. From the past, the vinegar was the best way of Lice treatment.


The first part of head lice treatment

•Using the vinegar


•The first stage of lice treatment of hairs with vinegar

Lots of people believe that vinegar will kill all head lice. But it actually will stop lice production and moisture the hair. So the lice can not stick to hair and we can remove them easily.

•The second stage of head lice treatment

hujnikuhn.pngHair shampoo

Because the vinegar does not kill the lice, so we should at first use the special shampoo and kill the lice and left eggs. Then you can use vinegar to remove them from of your hair.

•The third stage of head lice treatment

Vinegar type

All types of vinegar has acid citric, but for being sure you can use the vinegar that has 5% acid citric at least. Also the apple vinegar has this acid and you can use.

The point you should attention is not using the vinegar more that 7% acid citric. Because it can make your head skin Inflammation and make allergy.

•The fourth stage of head lice treatment

Using the vinegar in the bathroom on hair

After you choose your vinegar type, you should make your hair moisture and put some vinegar on your hair. Then massage it and keep on your hair for 5 to 10 minutes. Pay attention to avoid entering the vinegar in your eyes and not put on your clothes.

•The fifth stage of head lice treatment

ghjgy.pngComb your hair with tiny shoulder blade

After keeping 5 minutes vinegar on your hair , you should comb your hair with tiny shoulder blade and remove lice. There are some special comb in drugstore.

Maybe it wont treat by one time, and you should do it more times or last one month.

Also vinegar can make your hair dry.


The second part of head lice treatment


1: Refer to a doctor for the treatment of head lice

If you see lice, you should go to a Dr and use the special shampoo and oil.

2: Stronger therapies for removing head lice

In some cases the lice will not treat by vinegar and the drugstore shampoo and need the more powerful treatment for this insects. So should go to Dr and use the more powerful shampoo.

3:natural treatment for hair lice

The researches shows that some plants and natural oils are suitable and good for removing the hair lice. Also they should be accepted by Ministry of Health to use for kids and make no problem.

Follow all top point to answer How Do You Get Rid Of Lice Easily?

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