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Tattoo or piercing

What is the tattoo or piercing

Do Tattoo And Piercing Cause Health Problem? Tattoo is a paint on body that is by the ink and Needle on the sensitive layer of skin. Tattoo can change the color seeds and make the colorful pictures . also these days women tattoo the lip line, eye line, and eyebrow materials. Tattoo is improving. Piercing is another creativity between people . piercing is like tattoo with needle but with difference that piercing make a whole on skin with needle . we can see piercing in different part of the body . but before choosing the piercing or tattoo, make sure about the side effects.

dgxgvbxdg.pngThe tattoo or piercing health dangerous

For having tattoo, after choose your picture , the tattoo worker will draw the default picture on your body. Tattoo can cause the harmful effects and skin problems. Maybe have sensitive to the colors and face to Infection . in beauty salon is used more than 50 colors for tattoo. But the bad effect of them are a lot.

Also piercing has lots of Infection. And the mouth and nose piercing Infection soon. One of the attractive piercing is on the tongue but it will make your speaking bad. The persons who has diabetes, allergy, skin problems, the weak safe body system,… will have problem for piercing.

Pre tattoo or piercing care

If you choose tattoo , be sure from the their work appliances. The needles should just use one time , no more at all. Say to the tattoo worker to wash his / her hand and use the clean gloves. And should Disinfect to not have any bacteria. And should Disinfect the default place with alcohol then use the needle and ink.

For piercing should use the clean needles. All appliances should be Disinfect. Before adding the small iron materials in body should Disinfect the place.


After piercing or tattoo care

The tattoos place should be close until the 24 later. After passing the time and see the tattoo wash with water and soap. For first 2 weeks should not be infront of the sun . avoid touching the tattoo place until it will be ok completely. With this you will decrease the Disinfect of skin. For piercing we can say to wash with water and salt and repeat this for 2 weeks. Pay attention that washing more than 2 times will damage it. Before touching the piercing or clean it should help of warm water .

Tattoo can be remove .but removing is hard. But if you give your piercing out, will Infection the place. Give the piercing out is easy like ear rings. Just the point is to let be dry the place of piercing. they are some important point of Do Tattoo And Piercing Cause Health Problem?

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