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Disadvantages of keratin hair


What is the practical of keratin hair?

Health Risks Of Keratin Hair Treatment ,Keratin is a brasilian method for hair straight. That is usual between some women that they want to have soft and straight hair. Keratin has effect in all types of hair and all hair will straight by it.but the problem in this is having some risks. Because some times you will not achieve the result that you see in advertisement. Also it can destroy your hair protein and give huge damage to your hair in long time.

What is the hair keratin?

Keratin is naturally in shoot of the hair. Also we have 2 kinds of keratin: alpha kertin and beta keratin. The keratin that is in hair and skin is alpha keratin.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(22).pngfetgr.pngHow is the keratin done?

Health Risks Of Keratin Hair Treatment ,For making your hair straight for short time,get help from the keratin liquid on hair shootand cover the hair shoot by this liquid. Then make the hair straight with hair iron and the effect will keep.this brasilian method is use in all beauty salon and takes 90 minutes time.also this time will be change by your hair size. And related to your hair , the straight will keep for 3 month. And we suggest to use for curly hair.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(22).pngjhuyio.pngDisadvantages of hair keratin

Because in the keratin liquid they use formalid , this can hurt your hair so much. There are so worry about keratin that we want to explain them.

Not smooth 100 % hair and not permanent effect of hair keratin

Keratin can effect half permanent and keep it for 3 to 5 month. And it is so expensive. In addition the hair keratin is suitable for curly hair.

Hurt the hair by the heat of keratin

Because for keratin they use lots of heat and heater appliances for straighting, in lots of cases the follicle of hair damage and by repeating the keratin will dry your hair and hair loss.

Inflamed skin and eye because of keratin

Because of formalid of keratin, maybe you will have inflamed , dry skin, and hair . and because you smell that material you will have inflamed in your eyes and throat. And in addition of skin sensitive , cause vomiting too. and keratin can damage your skin feel and change your skin color. And if goes to your eyes will damage your look and some how blind.

Dangerous of keratin for your body health

Formaldehyde of keratin can damage your nervous system of body and Blurred vision, headache, change mental state, Sleepless, Inability to concentrate.and also can Lung and brain cancer.



Keratin is not suitable for some skin

Keratin can make some skin problems worth. Specially some one that has Psoriasis and swelling of the skin. They should go to dr before using keratin and tell to dr.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(22).pngrgft.pngTemporary keratin hair result

The result of keratin will stay for 6 month and for more time you should repeat the keratin.

Lung inflammation due to keratin hair

Formaldehyde of keratin can Shortness of breath, Inflammation of the throat, Cough, and at last hurt the lung.and if you were next to this material more you will hurt more.

iopi.pngDisapproved hair keratin by the FDA

Keratin is not accepted by the FDA because of the formaldehyde of it.

Releasing chemical pesticides during keratinization of hair

The chemical poison after keratin can be free again and can hurt to your body too.

The hair hurt of keratin

Sometimes after keratin your hair damaged and just by cut them you can found your hair health.

so all of them was about Health Risks Of Keratin Hair Treatment

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