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Castor oil properties for hair growth

Caster Oil Benefits For Hair ,When you want to buy a great oil for your hair growth , hair feed, hair soften , it is so hard to choose . but because the people speak a lot about the castor oil in internet so we want to explain, too.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(22).pngfyhtgvhy.pngWhat is the Castor oil and how it makes?

The castor oil is made by squeezing the castor seeds. In this oil there are base amino acids and omega 6 and omega9. In the past, when the child feels not good , they gave 2 spoons of castor oil to them . and it was a treatment product in all homes.

What is the benefits of Castor oil for hair?

Caster Oil Benefits For Hair ,Like other natural oil, the castor oil acts like moisture for hair and make the cuticle soft. This benefits of castor oil is suitable for some one who has the dry and broken hair.

In addition, the castor oil has the antimicrobial disinfectants benefits and its good for the balance of head skin . and by massaging this to your head skin will blood flow better. Having the healthy head skin cause to have more healthy hair.

hffhvg.pngDoes the Castor oil boost hair growth?

If your hair growth has a problem that when your hair get long it get broken too, massage some castor oil to your hair and it will increase your hair moisture and you can make your hair long with out breaking. Also the castor oil has not effect on hair growth.


caster oil

How to use the Caster oil for hair?

Caster Oil Benefits For Hair ,We suggest to use a few castor oil each time. Because washing it from of your head and hair is hard. Instead of rubbing this oil on all of your head, rub on the hair shoot and the places that are more broken.

For being not so thick after rubbing the oil on your head, make the oil dilute with other thing. We suggest to mix with olive oil or almond oil.

Remember to make your hair wet before using that to give the oil better.

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