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Tooth whitening

Tips To Have White Teeth , Tooth whitening is one of the great way to show your tooth whiter and better in all around the world. This work can be with a dr or your self so soon.

Whats the difference between bleaching and whitening tooth?

According to the America health organization, we should use bleaching when your tooth got white out of the natural color. And this action done with Hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide.but we use whitening tooth when remove the tooth stains and back the natural color again. So in this method are some materials that are In usually tooth brush. they are Tips To Have White Teeth

The reason of dark tooth and necessity of bleaching

One of the dark tooth reason is aging and we can not do anything. We will have some color changing in our tooth in 20 decades of our life , but in 40 or 50 years old the stain got darker . and we should remove them with suitable methods.


Genetic properties

The tooth of every body has a defect color and it was on that color from beigining.but the persons that has thick tooth, thir tooth are brighter and the slim ones will faced to dark color more.

eating habits

drinking tea,cola,coffe,carrot,orange,… in some years cause to color your tooth. And some acid materials like vinegar or lemon juice can Weakening your tooth and stains show more.


Most of the people they smoke has dark tooth . by passing the time their tooth will be dark.

Drugs and chemical

Some chemical drugs that has powerful pigments can make tooth dark.

Pressing the teeth together

Pressing the teeth together can hurt your teeth and this hurt can change your color teeth.





When your teeth get strike, will have some small line in your teeth and all these line put together and change the teeth color.

The different ways of whitening teeth

Whitening by Dr

By going to dentist, you can back your white teeth again by keeping calm or make your teeth whiter than past. This work will take 1 hour .

fhf.pngTooth whitening kits

This kits can white your teeth by homemade and they are 2 types. Usual and professional. The professional kits are more expensive and has more safe.

Which of them are better: Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide?

The bleaching has is made by this 2 materials. And Hydrogen Peroxide can white faster and make teeth brighter 9 to 40%. there were some Tips To Have White Teeth

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