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The effect of drinking water on skin


How Does Water Effect Your Body ,All of us heard about the importance of the water and know that has lots of benefits for our health. But in addition of health, has benefits for beauty , bright skin, and hair. And by drinking water you will have good shape body. and in this article we are telling How Does Water Effect Your Body

uik.png7 benefits of drinking water for skin

The body organs contain lots of cell that they needs water for better action. So drinking water can help the action of body cells and have better skin. Some benefits of water are:

water helps to keep moisture of skin and reach the food materials to cells. By drinking water you will increase the flexibility of skin and see wrinkles later.

Drinking water make skin softer and brighter and can be the replacement of some beauty crème.

Drinki water good, can fight with lots of skin problems like acne , wrinkles, mushroom, and by increasing the body metabolism can exit the body poison good.

Cold bath or warm bath can relax the skin and reduce the stress and skin problems. Being under water in bathroom for 2 to 3 minutes can make the skin and cells younger.

The cold water can remove the Inflammation and redness of the skin and you can make up better. You should wash your face with warm water and then wash with cold water. This can avoid to get your skin dirty.

The cold water compress can Puffiness and inflammation of the eyes, so there are lots of water gel for using in long time .

In the past for many treatment use water. They put a cotton in a hot water then put it on the skin . then they put cold water 15 times on their face to be powerful skin.

uj.png8 benefits of drinking water for hair

Washing the hair by hot water keep the necessary fat of hair and help to have bright hair. cold water frizz the cuticle of hair and make the hair shoot softer and thicker.

The ocean water is full of mineral and its good for repairing and cleaning hair , and makes hair more softer and thicker.

Purified water has less salt and mineral and keep hair easily. So its better to wash your hair by the purified water . and this reduce the changing hair color.

Chlorinate water and have salt make hair dry. For avoiding this problem you should wash your hair before entering the pool. The clean hair will wet in the pool and get salt less.of course washing the hair with conditioner after pool.

Water acts like a natural conditioner for hair. Because hair is containing hydrogen, and when hair is wet Hydrogen bonds will open.

Water is a natural materials that helps to get the protein and growth better. And 1/4 hair is water, so drink 8 glass of water every day to have healthy hair.

Like skin, hair should have enough moisture to not break and dry. So by drinking water , the root hair will have enough water and make hair more moisture .

Drinking water can reduce the head skin problems like dandruff , oily skin…


In addition of benefits for hair , water can be usefull for body:

•Help to loose weight

•Muscles health

•Anti wrinkles

•Digestive system regulation

those tips was about How Does Water Effect Your Body

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