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Nail strengthening


Review Nail Strengthening Techniques

Easy And Effective ways For Nail Strengthening ,Nail and skin like other parts of the body needs to treat and care ,for look good. This treatment are some times by foreign products and some times are by mineral products and at home to look those parts good. In addition , Failure to handle nails and hair, make them so broken and thin. let to know Easy And Effective ways For Nail Strengthening

Vitamins essential for strengthening nails and hair

It is true that nails and hair are dead cells, but the beauty of person is in better look of them . so we should care them so much. And for this work we can use these vitamins:

•Vitamin A : this vitamin cause to make the healthy fat and better watering

•Biotin: make keratin

•Vitamin C: this is a effective antioxidant for hair and nails

•Vitamin E: this cause better blood flow on skin

•Niasin: helps to better blood flow

•Vitamin 12B: anti whitening hair and do not let to white soon


ujgyv.pngThe effective foods for nail and hair strengthening



•Some fruits like: pineapple, kiwi, strawberry

•Potato , cheese, natural oil

•Soybeans, herbal raw seeds, Oil and wheat germ

•Egg, milk, rice, fish, chicken, red meat




In addition to those protein there are other like zinc, calsiom, manyaziom, and fat acids are good for hair and nails strengthening.

If your nails and hair has problem , its maybe because of your diet and lack of before any work pay attention to your diet and be care full of your nails and hair health.

ujioj.pngGrowth and strengthening of nail

Having long nail is not easy. But paying attention to this point will helps you:

•Zelatin : a effective material in nail growth is zelatin. You will find this usually in desert and jelly . but because we can not use this every day we should use the capsule of this for nail strengthening. But before using should go to a DR.

•Calcium:if you have short nails and they wont growth easily, you have lack of calcium. So you should add calcium and vegetables to your diet.

•Baking soda: for eliminating the yellow color of nails you can use baking soda and back your white nail by putting your nail in baking soda and water for 15 minutes.

yuhtg.pngAvoid to break your nails:

For not breaking your nail , make some zelatin water and add some fruit juice. And put your nails in it and wait to dry.

Herbal oils:

Massage the herbal oil on your nails cause to not break and growth better.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is a effective thing for whitening and growthing nails.for this you should put your nails In it and wait 15 minutes

all was about Easy And Effective ways For Nail Strengthening

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