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Suitable diet for hair


What To Eat For Healthy Hair ,Inside of time and money that you maybe spend for your hair, the health of hair is related to different reasons. Specially that the inside case has more effect on hair health and cares from out like shampoo.. are not so important.and we can not have healthy hair just by out care.the hair are like the nervous system of body. Because the hair growth out of the body and is important on beauty, people pay attention more. so let speak What To Eat For Healthy Hair


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(21).png•Unhealthy hair are not attractive, they are deformed and dry. The reason are most in a bad diet and using sugar or animal oil a lot. Also you should use nutrient that has vitamin b for having healthy hair.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(21).png•The foodstuff that has vitamin b and other vitamins can have lots of benefits for body. For example the biotion helps to nail growth. And vitamin c helps to have healthy hair . and both vitamin together cause to have unbroken hair and anti hair loss.


•A full vitamin diet is necessary for hair and specially the vitamin a should be in diet . vitamin a guarantee the skin head health. And has effect on body and face skin and make skin so shiny and bright. And should avoid to eat sweets and low nutrients food.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(21).png•In addition of the vitamin, water is so important on body health. Because of this we suggest to drink 8 glass of water every day. Water can wash all poison of body and eliminate them. It helps to beauty skin and contain moisture of hair and avoid to dry your hair. And helps to your Digestive system, because water can exit to your body so easily.


•98% of hair is from water and we can say that the hair is the dead protein of the body. Because hair comes from under the skin, and they are dead. So our diet should be full of vitamins to contain the hair vitamin. Some materials that has lots of protein are:white and red meat, protein seeds, oily seeds, like nuts.


•In addition, fish has lots of protein and fat acid of body, to help to the health of hair and skin. The body does not make the fat acid like omega 3 and omega 6 , so it is better to use  fish, corn, … all of them were about What To Eat For Healthy Hair

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