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Natural remedies for hair health

Best Natural Home Remedy For Hair ,Having natural and shinny hair is important for all women. But it can be result of a completely care and in other way it wont be like that. In addition ,using the hair heater appliances and chemical materials on hair, inside of aging and harmonic changes in different decades, can make hair damaged.

Keep the hair healthy by oily and dry hair treatment

The hair root is the most important part of the hair and from this part hair feed. if person eat good and healthy,the hair root will feed good , too. and on hair will make a new layer named sabom and will make hair more shiny.for treatment of oily and dry skin head should massage it. Until your skin head get warm and blood flow better. This work solve those two problems.

Also you can give help from green tea and one melon juice wash your hair with them. And you can cure your dry hair with olives oil. Rub some olive oil on your hair and wait 30 minutes and wash your hair.

Keep your hair health with hair fall treatment


One of the important reason of hair loss is lack of nutrient. This is solve by vitamin a b . and another reason of hair loss is the harmonic changes . with natural treatment all thing are not surly and can be good for one person and not be good for another. Another good way is massage your head with almond oil .

And another way for hair loss is using the almond oil that you should boil the almond with coconut oil .

And the mix of lemon with 4 spoon of coconut extract and massage on your head can be good , too. and do this once a week.


Keep your hair health with dandruff and dry head skin treatment


Dandruff has different reason and can be because of the dry head skin or the effective weather changes. Also mushrooms and different allergy can cause it.

•For dandruff treatment you can put 2 spoon of Fenugreek in water from night to morning and after it will be like dough . then put that dough on your head for half hour and wash.

•Another remedy is to massage with natural oil for 1 hour. For this you can mix cup of natural oil with 2 cup of vinegar and keep one hour on your hair.

Keep your health hair with whitening hair treatment


Also the lack of vitamin b and biotin are the reason of white hair . and if in the food was not zinc enough, they will face to white hair soon.

For white hair is not a direct treatment and can not make them black again. But with a good diet and not having stress can avoid it.

So for treatment of whit hair you should put enough meat, iron, nutrient, mineral , vitamin a and b, vegetables, yellow fruits, … in your diet. there were some methods and   Best Natural Home Remedy For Hair

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