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How to make the banana soap

Construction method for banana soap in home

Soap is the effective thing in lives and it is a important washer. Because of this effect, there are lots of ways to make soap in home. All people can do them and make a home made soap for our selves. so not it is Natural Homemade Banana Soap Remedy

Ingredient for making banana soap:

3 cup of grated base soap

1 cup of water

1/4 cup of fresh banana

• cup of acid cytryc 1/4 or 1 spoon of lemon juice

1/4 spoon or 20 drops of vitamin E or extract of grape seed

1/2 cup of dry milk

10 drops of oily extract banana

•10 drops of coconut extract

•Measurement cup

•Wooden spoon



banaa soap

Natural Homemade Banana Soap Remedy

how to make the banana soap

•Grate the soap and measure 3 cup. And collect all raw materials and measure them .

•Nibble the banana and add citric acid.

banana.png•Make the boiler ready and mix the grated soap and water and put on boiler.

•Then add wax to them

•When the wax get soft and mix with soap , if you want you can add some color. For this you should put the color in a bottle and add some extract and keep 10 seconds in microwave.

•Get the soap out of the heat, and add other material and mix .

•Wait until the soap get cold and thick. When it get cold and you can touch it good. You get it and make it a circle.

gtxdgt.png•Wait some hours to cold your ball soap. Now you can shape it different. And you can shape it rectangle as usual. Then wait 24 to 48 hours to get dry.

•When you wait 24 or 48 hours and it get dry, you can add some natural extract to it. Put some of those oil on your hand and give the soap and makes the soap oily. You can do this with all soaps. an it was Natural Homemade Banana Soap Remedy

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