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The effect of vitamins on skin


Using vitamin and its effect on skin and hair health

One thing that is always suggested for healthy hair and skin is, using vitamin and mineral materials. Because they guarantee the needed material for having shiny skin and healthy hair and has  big effect on beauty. But it is question to use which vitamin and how. How Vitamin Can Benefits Your Skin

Essential body vitamin

dgcfVitamin A

Using vitamin A a lot can not do any thing for skin, but if it is lack of this vitamin , the skin get dry and layer. Because of that it is suggested for repairing the dry skin. Also it is used for acne ,too.

df.pngVitamin B

The most important vitamin B that is essential for skin, is biotin. Biotin is a nutrient for skin,hair , nail, and by lack of this vitamin the head skin get layer . and can hair loss too.

Biotin is in banana, egg , rice, .. and the body make biotin, too. also we found that instead of using material for biotin , you can use crème of niasin. And have a good skin and hair soon.

dgcgfvd.pngVitamin K

Vitamin K is good for blood and has not so effect on hair and skin, but nowadays the research shows that using vitamin k under the eyes can remove the dark circle of eyes . and treat your skin after surgery. And mixing by other vitamin can remove the wrinkle and darkness of eyes.

hair vitamin

How Vitamin Can Benefits Your Skin

Essential minerals for hair and skin


Scientific believe that selenium has effect of avoiding skin cancer . so using this material or like a crème is important. Also is effective for sun burnt and can reduce it.


Another essential mineral for body is cooper. Specially the mix of cooper and iron and vitamin c can increase the flexibility of skin and avoid to wrinkle on skin. Of course you should use by a dr , because the more use is dangerous for body. How Vitamin Can Benefits Your Skin


The third useful mineral for skin is zinc. Zinc can reduce the skin acne and helps to eliminate it. Even we can say that the lack of it can make acne. So we can use zinc or some crème of it.

Essential acid for skin

Alpha lipoic acid

It is a powerful anti oxidant that avoid aging skin . a good point for this acid is , it can go to oil and water , so can cure the out and inside of the skin good. And its like vitamin c and e and can treat the skin problems of free radical.

sfv.pngHialoronic acid

Most of the care skin products has this acid , because it keeps cells together and helps to have young skin. And it can keep moisture until 1000 times more than it selves, and it’s a good properties for skin.

The essential fat for body

If some ones skin get dry very soon, it means that she/he has lack of fat acid. The lack of fat acid cause the skin problem.

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