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Home remedy for bad smell of leg


How to avoid the bad smell of leg

In the summer the sweat of leg is so more , and the legs get bad smell more , too. because the bacteria that live in the skin by leg sweat in shoes, product the bad smell acid materials and this is the reason of bad smell of leg. This is a natural process and can reduce those bacteria and eliminate bad smell of leg. so How To Get Rid Of Bad Smell Of Leg

Methods of treat bad smell of leg

dgvxeds.png•washing the legs in brine

How To Get Rid Of Bad Smell Of Leg ,The salt get the moisture of skin,and its effective for reducing the skin bacteria.because of that you should add salt and warm water in a big bowl water. And put your leg in this for 30 minutes. Doing this for 2 weeks can reduce the sweat and bad smell of leg because those are from that.


Vinegar has acid properties, and the place that vinegar is used is anti bacteria place. Vinegar reduce the moisture of leg and it can reduce the bad smell of leg ,too. for using vinegar you should put one cup of vinegar and 2 cup of water in a bowl and put your leg for 30 minutes. Doing this once a week is enough and treat your bad smell leg.


Tea has acid properties, and can reduce the sweat of leg. And tea can be like a natural antibiotic and kill all the skin bacteria.

For doing this you should put 2 tea bag in boil water and wait 15 minutes. Then add cold water, and when tea get warm, put your leg on it. Do this once a week.

•suitable socks and replacement

Choosing the good socks is effective on bad smell leg. Because the plastic socks close all the moisture and sweat more and bad smell too. against of cotton socks, they let leg to breath and avoid sweat a lot. Some one that they sweat more, should keep one more socks and replace it during the day.

etfgdtg.png•disinfectant spray

For treat bad smell of leg and socks you can use disinfectant spray. Spray in your old shoes that they smelled, they remove the bacteria. Also they are suitable for socks too.

•disinfectant powder

For treat the bad smell of leg and socks you can use usual disinfectant on your socks and leg and remove the moisture of skin.

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