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The effect of stress and anxiety on hair losing


How Stress And Anxiety Can Cause Hair Loss ,All people like to have good appearance and having the healthy hair is one of the effective part of this. One of the important reason is stress and anxiety. You should pay attention that hair losscause anxiety and anxiety cause hair fall,too. we have 100 to 150 hundred hair on our head . and hair are in 3 part:growth phase, transporting phase, loss phase. Most of hair are in growth phase but 50 to 100 hair strand are in loss phase every day. So hair loss in this average is normal and its not a disease. When there is a big anxiety and worry, the hair loss increase. For example :big surgery,after having baby, disease.

The sudden emotion excitement can cause hair loss

How Stress And Anxiety Can Cause Hair Loss ,It can be after 1 to 3 month after stress or the reason we say , the hair loss will start. And back after 6 month after having not stress and stop the drugs.but eating the topical drugs and edible amplifiers can improve the hair growth.another kind of hair loss is the coin hair loss or allopesi . in this common disease , the hairs will loss in circle type . that if it loss in head named alopesi totalis, and if happen in body it named yonior salis. In this disease more often in a stress from one day to 2 or 3 before sudden hair loss and have hair loss on eyebrow or eye lashes or face.. that can make anxiety on other people around us.

htfgyh.png•When stress relief in some cases in 2 or 3 month will growth again completely. But sometimes for rapid growth you can use some drugs or injections. Its interesting that the white hair are powerful and at first the black hair will lose. And white hair will growth faster.

fhnch.png•Whitening hair in one night because of stress and anxiety , and because the black hair is more sensitive they loss more and just the white hair will remind that we say sudden hair loss. Some times people scratch their hair, and the people around them will understand. This disease will start by a nervous effect and by scratching the hair they will be calm. This is more in young daughter.

•Against of last disease, it is happen because they touch them. For cure of this , you should destroy all your stress and it’s a great drug. At last the stress and nervous are the important part and best drug,too.

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