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The benefits of using Sauna

5 benefits of using sauna for health

Sauna Health Benefits , It is long time that people enjoy using the sauna. Finland is a cold country, because of this in every house there is a sauna.

edrtfge.pngincrease the blood circulation

Every one that enters to the sauna once, understand her/his blood circulation. this is because the heat cause the heart beat and pumping blood faster. The blood because of the heat can move in the vessel , to equal the heat of out and inside of the body. In this position your vessel will be wider and the speed of your blood will be 2 or 4 times faster.

Sauna Health Benefits , What is the benefit of that action for body? Can help to the body to cure special disease. For example , the good blood flow can reduce the pain of muscles , that can help a lot to the athletics. And can make the better movement. At last, the good blood flow can improve osteoarthritis,reduce the pain,and increase the movement better.


ujhijh.png•in a 20 years research in Finland, scientific supervision some men to see what is the effective thing on the heart and vessel problems. They understand that going to sauna once a week is effective. Of course the more they go to sauna , they will face to death less.

This is believable that the reason of sauna is like the sports. When you go to sauna your blood flow will be more and be like exercise. Sauna should not use instead of a sport program, surly can complete it.

help to lose weight

There are different ways to lose weight, but do you ever think to the effect of sauna to lose weight? If you use sauna once a week, because of fast heart beat and blood flow you can burnt 500 calories in 20minutes. This happen because of sauna increase your metabolism of body and act like sport. And also in this case sauna can not be complete and control your weight.

yhikh.png•poison disposal of body

This is a fact that people do not some activities during the day that they does not make sweat.as your work that keeps you in your office with out any activities. Your body will sweat less than yesterday.

Yes, you really need to sweat ,specially nowadays that the body activities is reducing. when you exit from your home and drink one glass of water, those poisons that enters to your body how can exit?

Using sauna is really the best way for disposal the poison of your body the reason of that action is because of some elements like lead, copper,.. are in your skin. By going to sauna you can exit those poison. This is a cheap and safe method.

•reduce the stress

Lots of sauna users for long time realize that it’s a good method for be relax and reduce the stress. But what is the reason:

you choose to rest:when you go to sauna , you make your self so free from all things in the world. In means that all the annoying things are not with you. Just you are laying down and rest.

Make androphin free:

When you sit in the sauna, your heart beat will increase and lots of androphin will be free. This happy hormone will keep you calm.

gfd.pngA place for social relation:

being in sauna is a good place for being with familiar or not familiar persons. Nobody love just sits on sauna and when they are there they speak together. This is a forgotten work nowadays. The social relation is a best way to reduce your stress in day.


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