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Mens hairstyle from past to present


History of mens hairstyle

Unfortunately in the past there was a few hairstyle and there was limited hair products and hair color ,too. that those products had less variety and quality. For example just made some limited hair color for men that had less variety and less quality. But it was not a big problem for men because they believe that men should not pay attention to hair so much and makes changes. But nowadays those belief changed, because young boys wants new hairstyle and different hairstyle so the beauty industry should pay attention to the products more.


•In the past, men had hair cut every dayand it was so tedious work and time consuming. Because of this people try to have simple hairstyle to need less time to be ready every How Mens Hairstyles Have Evolved

fsf.png•Mens hairstyle in 60th decade

How Mens Hairstyles Have Evolved , Before 60th decade,most of the men had same hairstyle. In the back of the head and around the hair was short. but in the top of the head was long. But this hairstyle could be different in the each part of the head. But in the whole was one style.


•After those decade and by happening some changes in the society, lots of men believe the hipi idea. And prefer to have long hair and let their hair to be long up to their shoulder. And lots of them believe that long hair and mustache is a sign of freedom show their personality more attractive.


gyh.png•How Mens Hairstyles Have Evolved

In 70th decade, the before hairstyle got fewer because having long hair needs more attention. And lots of people had short hair. But at that time some one had long hair, too. and there was some hairstyle as same for women and men. Men needed more for hair style products. because of this the hair beauty should pay more attention to men hair. in 80th and 90th , having long hair was not strange but because of caring , lots of men prefer to have short hair. In these decade the long hair was a little accepted but it was not completely accepted.


Now, the society accepted that men pay attention to his hair. Because of that we see lots of variety of beauty men products. Their quality got more ,too. and it makes a competition in hair producer and give more choice to men.

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