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8 effective factors for hair health


Hair health

Effective Tips To Keep hair Healthy , Nobody love dark hair and all people love to have shiny hair. For this there are lots of products and homemade ways ,too. some foods can help to shiny hair. Specially the vegetables,oily seeds , and some nutrients that has vitamin E , thay are excellent for a shinny hair.also we can use some products that has omega3 or omega6. so whats Effective Tips To Keep hair Healthy

•Effective factors on beauty and health of hair

Effective Tips To Keep hair Healthy

•protein and omega3 in fish oil can guarantee the hair health and eliminate the hair dry and hair brittleness.

fdsfsf.png•drinking 8 glass of water

in a day can help to your dry and fragile hair to be moisture and find its health again.


•darkness of hair is also because of the chemical materials and pollution on the hair , and for removing them can use different shampoo. For eliminating this problem you can at first use clarifying shampoo and wash with warm water and then wash with cold water to close the cuticle of hair and make it shiny.


kjion--f.png•curly hair

hairs are different, some of them are curly and some of them are straight. Some people that has straight hair naturally, they have shinny hair and healthy. But this situation keeps until you do not use hair heating products.


olujhn.png•anti dry hair serum

some people that has curly hair , their hair is full of hair pores and not keep the moisture in hair, because of that those hair are dry and not so shinny. For this, we can use some anti dry hair serum, in addition of make your hair soft, make your hair shiny too. but you should use this product average. Because if you use very much, it will be keep on your hair and makes your hair dark. And shows your hair oily.


gvbdfxdfxdfxdx.png liquid serum

one thing that you can do for avoiding curly hair is, after washing your hair you should dry your hair with towel and use hair serum. This makes your hair not dry and not curly. And in addition we can suggest to curly hair, to use liquid serum instead of oily ones, until your hair shows not oily and helps to your beauty and moisture of your hair.


•coloring your hair can be effective on the shining or darkness of your hair. Using the low quality products can makes your hair dark and lose their shine. So its suggested to use high quality products. We can say that the loreal products are good and has variety of color and shows your hair shiny and attractive.

ew.png•hair moisture conditioner

another factor for healthy and shiny hair is, keep your hair moisture and for this use suitable conditioner on your hair.

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