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3 fast and cheap ways of tanning

Home tanning crème

hOW TO TELL WHEN YOUR MAKEUP HAS EXIRED ,The closer we get to the summer,people want to be tan more. Some one goes to out door pool or go to the beach and use the natural sun rays, and some of them goes to the solarium salon and tanned their skin with artificial rays. Ond there are some ones that they prefer to be in their home and use crème and oil. Now we are teaching you 3 types of home made  tanning  oil and crème, until you reach to your favorite skin by low price. so what do you think hOW TO TELL WHEN YOUR MAKEUP HAS EXIRED

uibhi.png•chocolate tanning crème


•The white body lotion without smell and chocolate powder with out sugar

•How to make skin tanning crème

•Mix the 1/2 cup of body lotion with 1/3 cup of chocolate powder.

•With a fork mix all of them completely

•Add slowly chocolate powder what ever you like until you get your favorite color

•Massage that lotion to all of your body

•Rub this mix every week to your body to catch your favorite body color.

fh.png•Tanning crème with carrot



•3 liters water

•Half a kilo of carrot

•2 cup of brown sugar

•How to make body tanning crème

•Wash the carrot and make them to small slices

•Warm the water

•Add brown sugar and carrots to water

•Boil 3 hours

•Turn off the oven and let they get cold

•Put the mix on a waterfall and let seprate the water from materials

•And put the remind water to a bottle and spray to your body every week.

hfbd.png•tanning oil with coffee



•Tea bag or coffee, the white body lotion without smell

•How to make the skin tanning crème

•Make ready your tea or coffee (if you use coffee ,use coffee for one kettle and if you use tea bag ,use 3 or 4 is enough)

•Add lotion to your coffee or tea to get your favorite color

•Put the mix on a bottle and spray each week to your body

•Before using, shake the bottle so good

•If you use tea, maybe the teas come to the entrance of bottle and make problem

•What ever you like, you can not add lotion to your mix because the tea or coffee can make you tanned individually.

sffd.pngTanning with sun

If you like to be tanned in front of the sun and in open situation, you can add some drops of iodine to 1 cup of olive oil and massage to all part of your body or put it in a bottle spray and spray to your body.

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