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Home ways for hair strengthening


Keep healthy and strengthening hair

Natural home remedies for hair strength ,For maintaining health and cure better of natural hair should use more better strengthening products and masks. In addition we can keep our natural beauty of hair by paying attention to some simple points. now we want to speak Natural home remedies for hair strength .

fgtujtUsing strengthening hair products

Before using each new product and new care way for kepping hair healthy and beautiful , you should be care ful to your hair type and current situation. For example if you have very dry hair, you should watering your hair a lot. And when you want to test a new product , its better to test on a little of your hair and if you didn’t have any allergy or sensitive , use for all of your hair.

adde.pngHoney, natural watering for strengthening hair

Honey is a natural watering and great for strengthening your hair. For using this is enough to put 1 spoon of honey to 3 to 4 cup of warm water. And rub this mix to your clean hair. Then you should put a clean towel on your hair and make hair soft and shinny.


sdfvOlive oil and castor oil , strengthening,repairing damage hair

Putting hot oil on hair is a great way for care and keep your hair naturally. And this work repair the damage hair,too. The oil that we can use for hair is:olive oils and castor oil. For using that oil just you should put those oils on a bottle and let the oil get warm and after seprate it to all of your hair. This oil should keep on your hair some minutes and then you should wash yor hair with warm water. Some one that they have dry hair can use those oils and make their hair good .

Natural masks , watering and moisture of hair

egg and olive oil mask

Natural home remedies for hair strength ,There are lots of mask for moisturing the hair, for example you can mix one egg to 2 spoon of olive oil and after make them mix, put it on your hair. Then you should put a shower hat on your head until this mix goes to your hair. Its better to stay this mix 15 to 30 minutes on your hair and after wash with shampoo and water. Protein and amino acid in egg causes to have shining hair .

sgdg.pngegg and lemon hair mask

At first you should broke one egg and seprate the yolk and white egg.mix the yolk and lemon with mixer . put this mix on your hair and wait 12 minutes. Wash your hair with cold water and dry slowly.

This natural mask is for strengthening effective.

natural fruit mask

Mix the fruit is effective on strengthening hair. Citric acid in fruit cause shining hair and anti oxidant in fruit reduce the damage of hair and protect the hair. But if some one has blond hair or light brown should avoid to use the black grape or burry, because those fruit may have color.

For making a fruit mask for strengthening hair, mix half of one banana , half avakado and some water melon and some yogurt and when all of them mix put them on your hair. Then you should wait 10 to 15 minutes and wash your hair with water and shampoo.

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