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4 ways for Eliminating the bad smell of hair


What is the reason of bad smell of hair?

How to get rid of smelly hair ,The bad smell of hair can be happen for every one and its not the only reason not washing the hair or not using the conditioner and shampoo. The bad smell of hair has different reasons and one of them is reminding your shampoo or other care product on your hair. Some times those product didn’t wash so good and by passing the time your hair get bad smell. so do you like to know How to get rid of smelly hair ?

The ways of eliminating the bad smell of hair

hg.pngDry shampoo

Using the dry shampoo for eliminating the bad smell of hair

The dry shampoos are in so different type and brands. This shampoo has good smell and because there are in different size, you can get and bring it to any places and use. And because the dry shampoo doesn’t need to wash,you can use it any time. But using this material for long time cause to remind on your hair and and by passing the time stop the follicle and get hair bad smell.

How to use dry shampoo

If your hair is so thick,you can use this up to 3 times in a week. But if you use hair drier and use other products after it, you should use only one time in a week . if your hair is too oily, its so better to wash your hair every day and control the oil instead of using the dry shampoo. For using the dry shampoo you should pay attention to put it in 20cm distance of your hair.

In addition, some ones that lives in large and dirty city, its better to use this shampoo when they arrive to their home and not use in the ways. And never use this shampoo for many times because that cause reminding the shampoo on your hair and get bad smell. And instead of using that shampoo you can use a perfume on your root hair with your finger.


Using the natural oil for eliminating the bad smell of hair

How to get rid of smelly hair ?  to use natural oil. These oils often has good smell and they will strengthening hair and eliminate the bad smell,too.


Instruction of the natural oil for eliminating the bad smell of hair

For using natural oil you can mix some of them with water and rub on your hair. This way is suggested for some one that they have dardlak hair, and eliminate their bad smell of hair.

fghfc.pngHair drier

Using hair drier for eliminating the bad smell of hair

If your hair has bad smell, you can put the cold wind of hair drier on your hair. This cold wind, opens the cuticle of hair and remove the bad smell. And you can use dry shampoo and natural oil at the same time.

•Recognition the environment and pollution for avoiding the bad smell of hair is important

•If you know that you will be in pollution place, its better to keep fragrance products especially dry shampoo to use. And remove your hair bad smell with them.

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