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The effects of weather on hairs


How weather effects on your hair , Weather has effect on all aspect of our life. For example the rain has effect on traffic and huge storm cause to making problem in electricity,gas or water. And weather can effect on peoples mood and make them sad or happy. By the way of having lots of effect on human mood, so it has lots other effect on beauty hair , too.

Effect of weather on hair in summer

How weather effects on your hair

•Summer remind us the beach, summer holidays, pool, laying down in the beach for tanning. All people spend lots of their time in out of house in summer. So the effect of weather is more in this season. In addition the sultry weather make people argue, because they make hair ready but when they go out, their hair destroy soon.

•Because of moisture and heat in the summer, the hair transplant are broken and loose their beauty. And its because of hair transplant that we can make our hair in models. But this transplant are broken in summer and our hair style will destroy soon. And the straight hair change to curly hair soon. But there are some product in malls to keep your hair style and protecting hair from weather.

•Another problem that we had in summer is , the damage of sun on hairs. As the UV rays has effect on melanin skin , this rays has effect on hair melanins , too. and if some one be infront of the sun so much will see the problems in their hair. For example the sun destroy the color of hair , specially to lighten the artificial color hair.


The effect of weather on hair in winter

The big effect that winter has on hair is, drying hair because of the cold weather . and in winter the weather of out is cold and n is hot. This degree changed has effect on hair and damage the hair cuticle .

In addition of cold and hot weather, the wind can has effect on hair, too. being in huge wind destroy the moisture of hair and make hair dry. It can be more in curly hair. Also they will see the shrinkage of hair and haiR leprosy.

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