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9 ways of diagnosis expired cosmetics


hOW TO TELL WHEN YOUR MAKEUP HAS EXIRED , Lots of women enjoy to makeup and because of that they have lots of cosmetics  like mascara, eye shadow, nail color and …  because they love their cosmetics so much, they avoid to throw them away and by do this they will have big problems for their skin.

These people wait until the oil and color of nail color seprated to each other or lipsticks get bad smell.but this is wrong and using expired cosmetics cause lots of skin disease. so what do you think hOW TO TELL WHEN YOUR MAKEUP HAS EXIRED ?

Time for throwing away your cosmetics

•Change color of cosmetics

When your cosmetics change color and seprate each parts, this means that its time to throw away . so never use the.because some chemical material make in them and can hurt your skin.

Its true to makeup by the type of that season. But you should pay attention that change your cosmetics every 6 month.

SDF.png•Eye infection of cosmetics

If you use one eye liner or mascara or eye cosmetics and after using , your eyes get red . it means that your cosmetics are expired and soon you should put them away. Because the bacteria enters to your eyes and makes problem.

•Expiration date of cosmetics

hOW TO TELL WHEN YOUR MAKEUP HAS EXIRED ,Some times after buying a cosmetic do not pay attention to the expiration time and use it, until it finish. But cosmetics like all products has a special expiration date and after this time will cause lots of problems. So you should always chek your expiration time of cosmetics and each of them are expired throw away.

XDHJG.png•Powdered cosmetics

If your eye shadow or other product like it get some layer and powdered , it means that they are expired and you should put them away.

•Dry skin after using cosmetics

If you use cosmetics and you fell bad in a way that it dry on your skin and makes your skin layer, should throw away them. Other way it hurts your skin.

•Bad smell of cosmetics

Some times the cosmetics has bad smell that is another sign of expiration.

7616.2jpg.jpg•Variety of cosmetics

Some times for variety they change the type of makeup. So its better to throw away the old cosmetics and use new ones to guarantee the health skin.

•Date of buying cosmetics

Date of buying some cosmetics are written on them,and there is not in some other. So this will make problem. So you should pay attention to the date that you buy and the first using them . and by the time we will say use them.

•Expiration date of type of cosmetic

Consileur:12 to 18 month

Powder rouge:24 month

Crème rouge :12 to 18 month

Lipstick:24 month

Pancacke:24 month

Eye and lip liner:24 month

Eye shadow: 12 to 18 month

Powder crème: 12 to 18 month

Mascara:3 to 4 month

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