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10 way of weight gain


How to weight gain?

How to gain weight naturally , For some people weight loose is important and suggest lots of ways and method. But some other like to gain their weight without using chemical drugs and naturally. so How to gain weight naturally

Natural ways for weight gain

jhumh.pngRed meat

Red meat has lots of cholesterol and more often is suggested for weight gain. This meat has lots of protein and iron . but because the meat has lots of cholesterol , you should not use oil.

ftgyt.pngPeanut butter

Peanut is full of protein and fats, and its effective thing for some one who want to weight gain . one peanut spoon has 100 calories and lots of magnesium , folic acid, vitamin band e. the best time to eat peanut is in the morning.

hfffffffchfg.pngFull fat milk

One of the effective method of weight gain , is using full fat milk. Each glass of full fat milk has 60 calories and full of vitamin a and e.


Eating fruits specially tropical fruit like banana ,mango, papaya, pineapple,can help to weight gain . and give lots of vitamin and energy to your body. You can use those fruits naturally or drink their juice and see your weight gain.


Avakado is full of natural fat, and a half of avakado has 140 calories . this fruit is ful of vitamins like vitamin e and minerals material like folic acid and potasiom. We can use avakado in salads.

jgbv.pngWheat bread

Wheat bread can help weight gain rapidly , and can supply the food materials of body and energy . specialy if you use it in the morning.

hjn.pngNatural butter

Butter has lots of calories and we can use it instead of full fat milk.

We can use butter in the breakfast and in addition of supplying the body energy, it can supply the needed body food materials. But don’t forget that butter is so fat and you should use careful.


ikh.pngNuts and oily seeds

Oily seeds like pistachio, almond, indian almonds,peanut, hazelnut, have lots of fats and nutrients of the body and fibers. And they supply the body energy.


Cheeses has lots of kind and we can use them in our different meals. And if some one get tired of using full fat milk or butter ,can use cheese and supply the nutrients of the body. More cheese has lots of fat and help to weight gain.


Potatoes has lots of carbohydrates,fiber,and vitamin c . and its suggested for weight gain. In addition potatoes has lots of nutrients for skin. Using this on your skin will sole lots of your problems.

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