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How to make make carrot soap


How to make homemade soap

Home made carrot soap , Soap is one of the cleaners that remove all the dirty and oil on your skin. Soap has lots of kind and there are in different shape,sizes, and smells. But now adays most of them are chemical and remove some useful fats of skin and it cause to be not equal of PH skin. For avoiding that problem you can make your own home made soap that in addition of cleaning your skin, guarantee the health of your skin. so let spek about Home made carrot soap

gbuyjh.pngBenefits of carrot and honey soap

Mixing the carrot and honey is so great that between all of them , avoid aging skin and watering the skin is the most important benefit of carrot soap.also this soap can be good for acne skin because there are some free radicals that can repair damage part of skin and avoid aging.

Also carrot has lots of beta carotene and antioxidant, can protect the skin from UV rays and pullotion of environment and make your skin somehow tanned. Beta carotene can tanned your skin without sun. but its better to not use that soap a lot because shows the tone not natural. The abundant water in the carrot and its vitamins can help to control the PH of skin and remove the additional fat on skin.


Ingredients for making carrot soap:

•300 mg coconut oil

•400mg olives oil

•100gr almond oil

•200mg water for cooking

•100 gr carrot nibble

•110gr sodium hydroxid

•1/2 spoon of natural honey

•10drops of extract of carrot seeds oil

How to make the homemade carrot soap

•At first you should take plastic gloves and for this work use wooden containers.

uyhjh.png•Cook the carrot to be so cooked and after put it away to be cold and by a fork make it nubble.

•In another bowl, mix the carrot with water.

•Carefully add sodium hydroxid to your mix and at the same time stirring all of them by a wooden spoon. Continue this work to some minutes.

•Mix Almond oil, coconut and olive and extract carrot seed and honey together.

•Stirring the mix with a wooden spoon and continue to have a thick mix.

•Put the mix in a silicone molds and wait 2 days. After this time your soap will be ready.

•The result is a natural good smell soap that there is not any chemical material in it. And we can use it to wash our body and face.for better keeping, keep it in moisture place.

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